UI Overhaul

UI Overhaul

Since this is the first post, I’ll being with some background on the game.

It has been in development since August of 2020, working sporadically on it on my free time. The inspiration for it came from replaying Terror from the Deep, one of my all time favorites, and realizing how there’s nothing in the market that is as brutal as it was. More freedom to move your units around the battlefield, coupled with unforgiving combat where every encounter can be deadly.

Armed with that, I began prototyping a combat system and thinking of other systems that would be interest, and thus Shadows of the Sengoku was born. Blending grand strategy elements with a bit of 4X and a heavy dose of turn-based tactical combat, it puts you in the command of the Ninja squad of your chosen Clan, tasking you with taking on varied missions in order to help your Clan reach their destiny over the duration of the Sengoku period.

More information will come as development progresses!

For today’s update, we’re talking about UI! Gone is the previous default squares with programmer art, and in is a new brushed style that really evokes the era. As you can see from the screenshots below!

The base combat view, with your character information and units on the left, the time units bar and the actions available in the middle, and the weapons to the right.
The starting screen of the game, where you are able to select the clan to initiate your adventure.

That’s it for today!