Animation Basics

Animation Basics

Hello folks!

A lot of work has been done on the game, with the main new feature implemented being animations!

The setup for the characters and the content pipeline has been established. Characters are divided into a handful of pieces, and these are chosen to represent a body part/piece of equipment. The representation of an armor is made via a basic scriptableobject that tells which mesh to be displayed for which part of the body.

This is all loaded into an display component that has references to the meshfilters that will receive said meshes. Animation is done entirely in Unity, using transforms as bones and attaching the meshes to the appropriate bone.

Here you can see the unit idling in the unit management screen:

Equipping and unequipping armor and weapons is easy.

A couple of basic animations have been added for walk cycles, idling, death, and some attack animations. Obviously all pretty placeholder, but this is the style I’m going for with the game.

Here you can see the units in action at the start of a battle:

The units coming out from their ambush spot. The first few steps are always tricky.

And here, a duel to the death:

A swordfight to the death.

That’s it for today. Soon I’ll be launching a YouTube channel to publish more videos!